White Light Session


The White Light Power Session is an energetic meditation that clears and balances your energy fields and deeply connects you with your divine power and unique gifts.


During your White Light Session with Stacy you will: 

  • Rise above your own self-imposed limits
  • Tap into your divine power
  • Clear and balance your energy fields
  • Deeply connect with your Spirit
  • Gain clarity on what you need to do to move forward
  • Uncover & release the blocks that are holding you back
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White Light Power Session with Stacy Gissal

What is a White Light Power Session?

Glad you asked! Everyone has energy centers (chakras) and when your energy becomes blocked or imbalanced in one or more energy centers in your body, it can leave you feeling stuck in everything from your business to your relationships. When your energy is clear and flowing freely, you can connect with your highest self and tap into your fullest potential so you can thrive in every area of your life!

Even if you have never meditated or done energy work before, this session is a wonderful place to start. I’m right there along with you conducting the energy exchange and guiding you so you can open your heart to whatever messages you need to take your life to the next level.

$199 per session

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A white light power session is
for you if you want to:

Clear your
self-imposed limits

Reconnect to your
highest self

Uncover what is no longer serving you

Tap into your fullest

What you can expect

The entire session is approximately one hour and can be conducted virtually. All you have to do is show up with an open mind and open heart and find a place where you will have quiet and focus. 

After our energy exchange, I will share whatever came up during the session and any insight from your guides. I will equip you with some next steps so you can actively release the blocks that are getting in the way of your full potential!

Hear from others about their experiences: 


"I did a White Light Power Session with Stacy and I’m not exaggerating when I say it radically changed the path my business was on. Because of my White Light Session with Stacy, I was able to recognize the inauthenticity in my business and was able to take several big steps to launch my company. I truly cannot thank Stacy enough for this life changing experience."

"I won’t lie, this isn’t my usual thing. I wasn’t sure if I thought it would work but I kept an open mind. It was really easy and after Stacy told me all these things that came uip. The accuracy of them was insane. So many things I knew were true or that I needed to do/not do. A lot of insight. I got a little emotional hearing some of it. I paid attention over the next week or so - and still am. It made me feel so light, like a weight was lifted. I honestly loved it and plan on doing more in the future."

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I'm Ready!

"I recently completed a White Light Session with Stacy. 

I didn’t know what to expect, even thought Stacy sent me all the information beforefore hand. Stacy made me feel at ease from the star and we began with a 20 minute relaxation exercise. Wow! Did I need that! Her insight into my energy was eye opening and has begun a journey of awakening into the person locked up inside.

You can feel how much Stacy cares about you through her words of encouragement and follow up. I look forward to more sessions with her and being part of her community."

"I did a White Light Session with Stacy in the midst of a professional change. A week after my session, I'm more in tune with myself and confident in my potential to reach my professional and personal goals of starting my business based on what Stacy discovered during our session.

Beyond that, I was reminded of how my spirit and inner self can guide me in my next steps in my business and personal life. Stacy made me feel really comfortable leading up to and during our session and provided such amazing insights during our session, she also followed up with more after. She helped me uncover things I hadn't even admitted to myself."