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Evolve Beyond Limits Academy

Evolve Beyond Limits Academy is a 12-week course designed to unleash your confidence so you can thrive in all aspects of your life.

Embrace who you are, step into your power, and create a life you're totally obsessed with! 

You are made for bigger things.

So many women go through their lives taking care of everyone else, leaving them feeling of being stuck, insecure, and broken. They are missing the confidence, alignment, and power that comes with having clear purpose. 

But you aren't broken. You are stuck in the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your fullest potential and creating the life of your dreams - one full of play and adventure. 

This program won’t change who you are (you’re wonderful just the way you are!)

Instead, I’ll teach you who to uncover the beauty in who you've always been and give you the tools you need to keep evolving beyond limits… and you’ll do it all with a group of amazing, supportive women at your side.

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I know how you feel because I was you.

I have felt ALL of the things you are feeling. I spent  most of my life living from achievement to achievement, trying to prove my worth to the people around me.

I had the education, I was running 2 successful businesses, I had a supportive husband, amazing friends, the perfect body...I "should" have been happy. But I wasn't. I was smiling on the outside and crumbling on the inside. I was left feeling anxious, unhappy, and living a life I felt like I needed to escape from. I thought for sure I was broken, but I WASN'T BROKEN & NEITHER ARE YOU!

I realized I had to focus on the one thing that was actually going to change me life...ME! If I didn’t decide to re-write my story, rediscover who I was, and own the value I bring to the world then I was never going to be able to live out my purpose or my soul contract I was put on this earth to fulfill!

Now it is my mission to help women fast track their personal growth & transformation so they can activate their God given gifts to change the world.

What You Get When You Join EBLA

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

White Light Power Session

Access to EBLA Course For Life

Exclusive invite to our twice yearly Press Pause retreat

Personal Development Books & Journal

Guest Expert Coaching Calls

Community & Accountability

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Evolve Beyond Limits Academy is perfect for you if:

  • You recognize that the only way to level up your life is to focus on your personal development, so you spend countless hours reading books and listening to podcasts
  • You know all the "right things" to do when it comes to personal development, but struggle to put them into action
  • You feel stuck on the treadmill of life, going from day to day without a higher reason
  • You are ready to stop limiting your potential and instead want to unleash the confidence you need to thrive in every aspect of your life!
  • You want a life of purpose, adventure, freedom, and fun!
I'm Ready to Evolve!

What You Can Expect:

  • You will discover the blocks that have been holding you back and have the tools you need to keep evolving to the highest version of you
  • You will have an unshakable sense of who are, who you're not, and the unique gifts you have been given to make a positive impact on the world
  • You will finally know what it feels like to be living in total alignment & carrying out your vision of  adventure, freedom, and fun!
OK, I am ready Stacy let's do this!


This twelve week course will take you into your new life of confidence, purpose, adventure, and fun! Each week includes an online lesson, action steps you can use immediately, and journal prompts to keep you going on your journey. I’ll bring in experts along the way to lend added perspective to our work together.

Dig deep into your intentions for the next 12 weeks and what defines happiness and success to you. Develop your unique definition of success and define what you truly need in your life to feel happier and more fulfilled.

Uncover the limiting beliefs, habits, and thoughts that will keep you from reaching your full potential. None of these things are you; you get to change them.

It’s a pretty loaded question actually, and one most cannot easily answer. Reconnect to yourself, your life, and your purpose during this week.

Fear and Anxiety can prevent you from reaching your fullest potential but you need to know how to move through it. Identify where fear and anxiety is showing up in your life and move through it with the set of tools I’ll offer.

Your energy is your #1 asset, but you probably don’t pay much attention to it. Most people spend most of their time doing things that suck their energy, which leaves them feeling less than optimal and it’s no way to thrive. Meet your inner child again and learn tangible ways to put play, curiosity, and fun first in your life!

Learn to become aware of the areas in your life that makes you feel the best and the most excited. Begin to develop a life full of excitement and intention!

You will thrive when you have a beautiful balance of masculine and feminine energy. Your masculine energy allows you to develop plans & take action, set boundaries, and have the confidence to reach our goals. It is a powerful energy, but if you are not balancing it out with the feminine energy, life is going to feel a lot harder than it needs to. Life really starts to flow and the magic happens when we can balance the two energies and this week will show you how.

Your purpose is the predominant theme of your life or what you uniquely offer to the world. Every experience you have ever had in your life is creating how you are going to impact this world. In this week’s coursework, you’ll uncover and align to what you’re supposed to do.

This week teaches you how to work with your body instead of always fighting against it. Turn your body into your biggest ally for guiding you along your journey.

All the accomplished women I work with are very attuned to their intellect but need to develop their connection to their intuition. Intuition, your inner guidance, makes things easier if you don’t fight against it. This week will help you not only understand your intuition, but also give you tools to start developing and using it.

While happiness is a state of being created by our external circumstances, joy is something that can only be created within. In this week, you’ll learn the tools for building a sturdy foundation of joy that helps you handle every situation you face with grace because you’ll trust that life is happening for you. You are the only one capable of deciding how it will play out. 

The greatness within you is unlocked and you have the tools you need to keep moving forward. Uncover the amazing beautiful soul you have always been and gain the confidence to bring that to the world and make the impact you were born to make.

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